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13 Reasons Why by J Asher (J.a)

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Genre: Romance
Rating: ☆, I don’t like it.
Total number of pages: Approx. 288 Pages.

Review by: Johnnell
My current book type: Romance and Relationship Driven Drama Novel

a Teenager in Highschool is bullied by her peers and after several dramatic relationships with other classmates and students she kills herself. In the story/throught the story she talks about the path to killing herself and calls out all the ones convincing her to do so and their role in her scuicide

I don’t like that there is no investigation of WHY she killed herself by police which is what im looking for and the police investigating it. This is probably bc i like mysteries but not movies and this is a movie style book in my opinion there for i can see clearly why i dont like it but it is still an interesting book for some. I do like the topic as it is interesting and would be a good topic for a CS Mystery

Three words that describe this book:
Sad, Mysterious, Depressing


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