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With Friends Like These by ReShonda T. Billingsley

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Genre: Romance
Rating: ☆☆☆☆, I love this!
Total number of pages: read the whole book

Review by: Janelle
My current book type: Mystery

This book is about this youth group that meets daily and talk about community projects and stuff in their lives. 4 girls in the group are best friends and knew each other for a long time. A new girl joins the group and the new girl feels left out because the 4 girls are so connected that she feels like she can’t be one of them.

I like this book because it talks about stuff that happens in real life today. This book is romantic so if you don’t like romantic books, then this book is not good for you. There are boyfriend and girlfriend break-ups, friendship issues, and love for having someone you can count on. All in all, I suggest this book for readers who want to see how these 4 girls split up and come back together as friends.

Three words that describe this book:
Romantic, Suspenseful, exciting


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