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To Kill A Mockinbird by Harper Lee

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Rating: ☆☆☆, a good read

Review by: Gustavo

What my book is about:
This book takes place in the 1930s, in Maycomb County Alabama, it tells the story of a girl named Scout who likes to act like a boy, she has a older brother Jem and her dad Atticus is a lawyer.

The character I felt most strongly about:
Jem, because he is never afraid of doing anything.

What the main character has learned and how I think they’ll change:
Scout learns that life is hard and it won’t be the way she wants to, she will change by becoming a more understanding kid, acting like a grown up.

How this book gives me hope (or not):
Atticus gives me hope because he is a white man fighting for a black man’s rights. The racists people in the book make me feel less hopeful.

How the story would be different if told by someone other than Scout:
It could change the way we think of some characters, for example Aunt Alexandra, by Scout’s point of view, we think she is a bad person.


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