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Book reviews from Mrs. Dougherty's class

to kill a mocking bird by Haper lee

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Rating: ☆☆, okay

Review by: chandler

What my book is about:
scout Finch 6,and her older brother, Jem , live in sleepy Maycomb, Alabma., spending much of their time with their friend Dill and spying on their reclusive and mysterious neighbor, Boo Radley When Atticus , their widowed father and a respected lawyer, defends a black man named Tom Robinson against fabricated rape charges, the trial and tangent events expose the children to evils of racism and stereotyping.

The character I felt most strongly about:
Jim because he is independent like me and quiet

What the main character has learned and how I think they’ll change:
she learns not to judge someone basedon how they look

How this book gives me hope (or not):
it don’t give me hope or less hope

How the story would be different if told by someone other than Scout:
the story would be in someone else persective


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