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Book reviews from Mrs. Dougherty's class

to kill a mocking bird by Harper Lee

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Rating: ☆☆, okay

Review by: dhara

What my book is about:
This book is about mainly scout reflecting on her days as a child. In the book it illustrates basic human rights being violated. Theres a lot of racism and inequaility.

The character I felt most strongly about:
scout because my parents often try to hide things from me to try and protect me

What the main character has learned and how I think they’ll change:
she starts learning about racism

How this book gives me hope (or not):
it makes me feel hopeful because it shows how much the world has grown. But we still have to work on it.

How the story would be different if told by someone other than Scout:
it would change the pov. and the understanding of whats going on.


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