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Book reviews from Mrs. Dougherty's class

to kill a mockingbird by Harper lee

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Rating: ☆☆☆☆, I love this!

Review by: Katherin

What my book is about:
Its about the fintches they live in maycomb. There lifestyle is old fashion and the racism in the county is very diffent and harsh. They accused tom ribinson for raping a girl, when he didn’t do it he was being accused wrongly

The character I felt most strongly about:
calpernia because she takes care of jem and scout like if they were here own children. Even though shes black she takes jame and scout to church and knowing that certain people will get mad she wouldn’t really care.

What the main character has learned and how I think they’ll change:
scout, she learns about racism can take over a lot of people.

How this book gives me hope (or not):
it makes me feel hopeless about racist people and how certain people would just lie foe no reason

How the story would be different if told by someone other than Scout:
probably would change the story


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