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To kill a mockingbird by Harper lee

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Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆, an all-time favorite

Review by: Jesus

What my book is about:
To kill a mockingbird is about two children Jem and Scout and their childhood. We see them mature and grow as human being’s. From seeing how adult life affects children to seeing how the most childhood game can relate to adult life. But in all Harper Lee final goal we see her trying to show how everyone has prejudice towards everyone. This is done by the children learning about a weird neighbor to discovering that man is wrongly accused of a crime.

The character I felt most strongly about:
I really like Atticus because he is a great father. He lets his children make their own decisions and make them know right from wrong. For example he trusts them walking alone to make them in my opinion independent.

What the main character has learned and how I think they’ll change:
Scout will learn many things but in my opinion not to be racist. And I think she will change in maturity because she will begin to grow up.

How this book gives me hope (or not):
I think it gives me hope that people are beginning to change their views about racism. It makes me less hopeful because it still is going to exist for a long time.

How the story would be different if told by someone other than Scout:
it wouldn’t be suspenseful in scouts eyes as a child we see an innocent point of view and if it changed we wouldn’t be hooked on.


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