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Book reviews from Mrs. Dougherty's class

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Crossover by Kwane Alexander

Genre: Graphic novel/manga
Rating: ☆☆☆☆, I love this!
Total number of pages: 273

Review by: Marquis
My current book type: Graphic Novel

Why I chose this book: Because I like basketball and this book deals with basketball. I also picked this book because the characters are somewhat like me.

Is this book what I expected? The book is exactly what I expected because it tells the story of a basketball player and his life about basketball and outside basketball.

Three words that describe THE MOOD this book:

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Crossover by Kwame Alexander

Genre: Graphic novel/manga
Rating: ☆☆☆, a good read
Total number of pages: 237

Review by: Marquis
My current book type: Mystery,Adventure,Graphic Novel

It’s about brothers Josh and JB who are basketball players who wants to win the state championship. Their father Chuck Bell used to be a basketball player himself but then became the coach for his son’s team.

I like the character Josh because he is a person who is always thinking about winning and never giving up on his brother or his team.

Three words that describe this book: