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I hunt killers by Idk

Genre: Suspense/thriller
Rating: ☆☆☆☆, I love this!
Total number of pages: idk

Review by: Emerson
My current book type: Realistic fiction

I Hunt Killers is about a boy who grew up with his father, a serial killer. As a kid he had to do what his father said and viewed how a serial killer worked. Now he is trying to prove that he will not turn into his dad and is using his knowledge of how serial killers work to find out who is his towns next killer.

I like how the book is suspenseful and makes you wonder what will happen next. It makes me engage into the book. Him only having one friend is very interesting. He is with him most of the time so he has someone to talk to so the story does not get boring.

Three words that describe this book:
Suspense, Intresting, action